p2p service for electric car owners
The Future has arrived and It is electric!
according to J.P. Morgan Global Research, 2020
Benefits Chat&Charge
How it works
Seller POV
  • Step 1
    Registration on the app
  • Step 2
    Order the measuring device
  • Step 3
    Set it up
  • Step 4
    Activate your charging station in the app
Buyer POV
  • Step 1
    Register in the app
  • Step 2

    Check available charging stations in the area

  • Step 3

    Chose desirable station and see all information about it

  • Step 4

    Complete the order and let's Chat&Charge!

The place where
buyer and seller meet together

Why Chat&Charge?
p2p charging service for electric cars owners
    We have a mission to build a community of sustainable thinking people, willing to reduce carbon footprint by sharing their stations with other EV owners

    We want to overcome such problems as lack of changers around neighbourhoods inside European cities or while traveling out of the cities and to increase the number of electric cars on the road

    Our goals are to keep prices on sharing charging lower than on public stations according to the market and give the opportunity for residentials to cover electricity costs and earn some extra bonuses
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